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About me


Philipp Begelspacher


German | English

Welcome to our website! I am Philipp, your multimedia designer.

As an experienced Webdesigner and passionate programmer, my goal is to create digital worlds that are not only functional but also impress with their aesthetics.

Ready to set off for new horizons? With my certification as a drone pilot, I open up unique perspectives and capture breathtaking aerial shots to make your projects shine.

In my work I attach great importance to quickness, reliability and professionalism. With a keen eye for detail and a drive for perfection, I put the finishing touches on each project.
The focus is on working closely with my clients to bring creative ideas to life together.

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level?
Let's work together on your vision.

Customer feedback

Finished web projects
Finished video projects
Won media contests


Education: IT specialist


for application development

Forest high ropes course


Voluntary planning and construction of a forest high ropes course with 18 elements + platforms in up to 12m height.
Standard DIN EN 15567-1:2008-03 ERCA and TÜg tested.

Education: Artist


State-approved training as an artist/stage acrobat in Berlin. Specialized in juggling and handstand equilibristics.

Freelance Web Designer


Even further education in web design and related programming languages.
Participation of various online courses.
Cooperation with various web designers and programmers for joint projects.
Design/implementation of currently (2023) over 100 websites and web projects.

Solo performances


Appearances as “Eugenius Nil” in various variety shows, festivals and gala shows
Video | Website

Company performances


Performances with the Company Triplex and the Self-Produced Show “Flight Cancelled”

Stage effects


Stage effects for the show “Schwerelos” Krystallpalast Varieté

Light and sound engineering


Light and sound engineering as well as assistance in direction and stage design for the show “Cirque Capricieux”

Social Media Team


Photography, videography and social media support for the “Newcomershow 2019” in Leipzig

Wagon construction


Design and construction of a home (TinyHouses) or complete new construction of a 100 year old circus wagon on our own.
Incl. kitchen and bathroom
Construction diary | Roomtour



Drone Pilot & Videographer for The Circus Frame e.V.
Website | Instagram | Video: Sankt Peter-Ording

Quick help in case of technical emergencies!
  • Website/Server down?
  • Spam attack?
  • Technical problems?

I offer:

  • Fast and reliable support
  • Clear communication and transparency
  • Flexibility and adaptability

As an experienced emergency technician, I solve acute problems even if the usual contact person does not have time or is not familiar with the specific problem.

Emergency situations are quickly resolved and technical obstacles are cleared out of the way. I am there to help!

Contact me

My offers


Responsive design, website updates & HTML mailing Give your website the perfect look on any device! I'm also happy to take care of regular updates or creating HTML emails for visually appealing email campaigns. View gallery


Worry-free hosting for your website I offer low-cost hosting for my clients, where I take care of all the administration and setup. Read more


Make your life easier! With a content management system you can easily manage and update your website content yourself. Read more

SEO & Optimization

Search Engine Optimization & Speed Optimization Make your website visible! I optimize it for search engines and ensure fast loading times.

Social Media

Social Media Design, Plugins, Networks & Consulting Reach more people! I design your social media profile, integrate useful plugins and advise you on how to get the most out of social media.


Cinematographic shots & B-Rolls Make your videos look professional! I offer cinematic filming and stunning b-rolls. View gallery

Drone & FPV

Aerial photography & breathtaking FPV flights Discover the world from a bird's eye view! With my drones I create impressive aerial photos and enable unforgettable FPV flights, where there are no limits in terms of camera angles and maneuvers. View gallery

Video editing

Video editing with everything Make your videos unforgettable! I create trailers to match the music. I also give your videos a WOW effect by upscaling, color adjustment, retouching and effective cuts. View gallery

Intros & Outros

Professional animations for your videos Based on your logo (if not available I'll design something for you), I create animated intros/outros/banners and more. Usable for any form of video project e.g. teaser, trailer or livestream. View gallery


Special effects, CGI and visual effects Add a touch of magic to your videos! I create impressive special effects, use CGI and visualize fantastic visual effects. View gallery


Landscape, wildlife, artistry & events Capture special moments! My photography includes landscapes, wildlife, artistic shots and events.
Gallery: Artistic | Landscape | Wildlife

Photo Editing

Corrections, creative adjustments & image optimization Give your photos that special touch! I make corrections, creatively adjust images and optimize the image quality.
In short: I rescue your images and raise them to a new modern level. View gallery

Print design

flyers, business cards, posters, postcards & promotional items Show presence with printed material! I design flyers, business cards, posters, postcards and promotional items. View gallery

3D & CAD modeling

3D models, spatial visualizations & augmented reality Bring your vision to life! I create custom 3D models, enable architectural previews or integrate augmented reality elements. View gallery

APP development

Apps, Web Apps & Augmented Reality Bring your ideas to mobile devices! I develop individual apps for different platforms, transform websites into standalone apps and offer the possibility to integrate augmented reality features.


  • C#
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic
  • After Effects
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D
  • DaVinci
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • SEO
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Online Shops
  • Vimeo
  • Wordpress
  • Youtube


Small selection of implemented projects.

  • All
  • Design
  • Photos
  • Videos


Web design & technical implementation


Video, Trailer, Aerial Photography & Equipment

Photography: Artistic

Newcomershow 2019

Video editing

Intro, outro, cut & editing

Print design

Flyers, posters, business cards & more

Photography: Wildlife

Exclusively free living animals
More at:


Filming, Intro, Outro, Cut & Editing

Photography: Landscapes

Landscapes & Architecture

Intro & Outros

As template & especially for projects


Special effects & Animations

Image editing

Enhance/rescue photos through editing

3D Design

3D models for videos, construction planning & augmented reality

What is a "CMS"?

There are several types of Content-Management-Systems (CMS), which make it possible to manage websites and their content without extensive programming knowledge. However, large CMS such as Wordpress require a certain training period or prior experience. Regular updates and backups should also be carried out there.

For most websites, such systems are too complex and also unnecessarily increase the loading time for all visitors. Mostly only a new appointment should be added, a text changed or a new image uploaded. So that a constant new familiarization with larger CMS can be annoying. Layout changes or other wishes can be gladly handed over to me and implemented by me. So a too complex CMS is normally unnecessary.

For exactly this purpose I have a CMS solution ready, which you can test extensively in advance. Your personal CMS demo page will be reset automatically every 24 hours. So, don't worry, you can't break anything!


CMS Demo

Experiment as you like on your personal temporary CMS demo page. (Recommended for PC/Laptop)


More CMS recommendations


WordPress is known for its ease of use. It offers an intuitive user interface and easy management of content, pages and menus. The large community and variety of available resources make it easy for beginners to learn and customize WordPress. However, it also requires some training and involvement on the part of the user.


Joomla is also user-friendly, although it may require a bit more learning time compared to WordPress. However, it offers a good balance between usability and advanced features. Joomla has a well-organized backend and lets you easily manage content and add extensions.


Drupal generally requires some technical know-how and may not be as user-friendly as WordPress or Joomla. However, it offers high flexibility and scalability, which makes it a good choice for complex websites. Drupal is more suitable for experienced users who need specific customizations and features.


TYPO3 may be considered less user-friendly due to its extensive features and advanced functionality. It may require a bit more training time and technical know-how. However, it offers high flexibility and scalability for complex websites and extensive requirements.


Shopify is a particularly user-friendly CMS designed specifically for e-commerce. It offers easy setup and management of online stores. Shopify is suitable for beginners who want to start an online store quickly and easily, without having to worry about technical aspects.

Recommended Wordpress Plugins

WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage an online store. It offers product management, order processing, payment integration and shipping options. With WooCommerce, online merchants can easily customize and expand their store to meet their specific business needs.


With Elementor, content can be easily edited directly on the front-end of the website. Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality lets users add, move, and edit text, images, buttons, and other elements effortlessly. No technical know-how is required to make changes, allowing even novices to quickly customize content. Elementor's live preview feature allows users to see changes in real time and ensure that the final result matches their expectations. This makes the process of changing content simple and efficient without requiring extensive backend knowledge.


UpdraftPlus is a recommended WordPress plugin for creating backups. It allows users to create regular backups of their website to protect important data. UpdraftPlus allows users to create backups of their files, databases, themes and plugins and store these backups in the cloud (such as Google Drive, Dropbox) or locally. The plugin also provides the ability to schedule, restore and manage backups to effectively secure website data and restore it when needed.

Select topic

Cost questions


No matter what the scope of a project, I always work professionally and perfectionist but also very quickly. The costs that arise are always based on various factors, which is why it is often difficult to directly name an amount. Often there is hardly any budget for advertising. Here we can find out together which points are important in which order. My work should not be an "expense", but help to reach significantly more customers and inspire to pay off quickly.

New website

Costs for this are very project dependent. But to be able to offer a rough guide at all:

  • 200 - 500 Euro:
    Landing page website: Quasi a minimalistic spiritual business card. Background image plus contact details plus possibly image gallery/trailer.
  • 500 - 1.000 Euro:
    Static website: Without CMS, Compact one-page website or very small number of subpages.
  • 1.000 - 4.000 Euro:
    Standard website: Without or with simple CMS (Link: CMS Demo Page), larger one-page website with matching effects and/or multiple sub-pages
  • 1.000 - 3.000 Euro:
    Small business: Simple Wordpress website, manageable number of pages, no custom plugins.
  • 3.000 - 7.000 Euro:
    Small company: Medium-sized website (e.g. Wordpress), user management, rights system, manageable number of pages, individual plugins and instructions.
  • 7.000 - 20.000 Euro:
    Large companies: Very complex large website. Large CMS, user management, rights system, very many subpages, individual plugins and instructions.
Depending on the project, industry, target group and appearance, there are many interesting possibilities where it pays to spend more time or less time in certain areas.

If you are interested, please contact me with your wishes, ideas and budget so that I can make you a more individual offer.

Existing website

For changes to a website that was not programmed by me, 30-50 Euro per hour (depending on the project) is realistic
For regular clients or new clients where you want me to take over/help with the project long term, we can also agree on a lump sum.

Websites emergencies

For very quick emergency changes to a website that was not programmed by me, 50-100 Euros per hour (depending on the project) is realistic. It depends on the emergency. The more multitasking the more time-consuming in a short time. But in emergencies it has to be fast.
For regular clients or new clients where you want me to take over/help with the project long term, we can also agree on a lump sum.

Website running costs

For a website, fixed costs are incurred annually. It often depends on individual offers depending on the provider often these are also significantly cheaper in the 1st year (Important! Follow-up costs after the 1st year.
On average:

  • .de domain 5-20 Euro per year
  • Server + Mailserver 30-200 Euro per year

.com or other extensions are a bit more expensive. And also for the server it depends on how many databases, SSL certificates etc. are needed.
Depending on the provider, any maintenance costs are included or can be covered by me, for example.
With the planning of a maximum of 100 euros per year, everything should normally be covered. Before buying, please discuss with me what is really needed, because there are often various useful but also superfluous additional options.

Image- & video editing

Depends on many factors

  • Must additional equipment be purchased/rented
  • Will bring picture/video material
  • File sizes = hardware performance + data volume
  • Amount of material and time for sifting
  • Music available or I am looking for
  • Intro/outro how elaborate

Discuss the project with me at an early stage to find a cost-effective/appropriate solution.

Drones jobs

Depends on many factors and depending on the location, additional measures may be required.

  • Must additional equipment be purchased/rented
  • Will a spotter (FPV) be provided or brought by yourself
  • Are assistants provided to shield bystanders
  • Permits processed/paid by me or you
  • Possibly additional pilot licenses for more specialized use
  • Possibly additional insurance
  • Implement projects yourself under guidance

Discuss the project with me at an early stage to find a cost-effective/appropriate solution.


Research in advance if there is a possibility for grants (e.g. advertising expenses) or similar for your project in your region.

  • Apply for grants
  • Find sponsors
  • Arrange installment
  • Guarantee
  • Preliminary simpler website/projects
  • Win-Win. Benefiting from mutual work
  • Profit sharing
Contact me to find an option together, so that the project does not fail because of the financial possibilities.

Little budget available

Usually I can always offer a cheaper variant for each project, but then I spend less time on details, buy basic templates to build projects on, offer less support afterwards, make less design suggestions in advance or use less effects ... I love to decorate projects and make them unique with details. In the end, it's the budget/time that decides how unique and detailed a project will be. Which doesn't mean that I don't put in as much effort with less budget, I try to save on the places where the end user doesn't notice it and the "this is what it could have looked like" vision has to stay a vision for now.

Simple examples of where savings can be made:

  • Complex wordpress site or no CMS
  • Server/domain available or do I do that
  • Many suggestions incl. corrections in advance or do I have creative freedom
  • Support/changes afterwards already Inclusive or Extra
  • Work with many people (communication eats up time) or work alone
  • Build from scratch or use licensed templates/plugins as basis
  • Rent/buy hardware or all available
  • 4k video or HD
With prior experience or time, projects can also be implemented independently under my guidance. I give you tips, instructions and help with my expertise.

New website

Which programming language is used?

HTML5, PHP8+, CSS3, jQuery, React and much more ... for maximum uptime I program each website according to the latest technical standards and use the programming languages that are most suitable for the project.

Is it possible to create my website with WordPress?

Sure no problem!

Can I make changes to the website myself later?

This is not a problem at all. It depends on the size of the site, the time you want to put into the learning and on the price idea, which CMS (Content Management System) I intigriere.
More information

Are updates performed automatically?

With a CMS like Wordpress, automatic updates can be enabled. However, I like to personally check for possible updates on a regular basis, make backups and look for potential new bugs. Normally (regular customers) there are no extra costs for this. For more checks and further requests we can also set up a maintenance contract.

Is my new website also optimized for smartphones and tablets?

Of course. Nowadays there are many different devices and the goal is a website that looks good on all devices and is optimally usable (keyboard/mouse/touchscreen). There are different ways to do this depending on the design/project.

Do I need my own server and if so, where do I get it?

There is the possibility to use my server with. But to be independent yes. The creation of server, domain and email addresses I can gladly take over. IONOS and Strato have proven themselves in the past. Feel free to contact me beforehand, not all hosters offer the right requirements for every website.

Will I be provided with an internet address for my website or do I have to bring it myself?

Gladly I help or take over everything to find and register a suitable domain. If a domain is available, I will gladly help with the move to a suitable server. But we can also work out a website without server and domain. For this purpose I will gladly provide a provisional domain free of charge until the website is ready. You can also buy your own domain when the website is published.

Can I also operate an online store with my website?

This is not a problem at all. This can also be integrated subsequently. Either via a webshop on your own server (e.g. WordPress with WooCommerce) or an external provider.

Can I also integrate forms, registrations for events or bookings on my website?

Yes, with a CMS like Wordpress this is no problem, but for simpler websites without a complex CMS, a suitable solution can usually be found using external tools.

How can I get help if my website ever stops working properly or breaks?

Emergencies I usually repair within 24 hours. For bigger problems I immediately develop a temporary quick solution so that the website can be online and solve the problems as quickly as possible in the background. For emergencies, the fastest way to reach me is by mail or Threema/Signal. By phone I am difficult to reach without an appointment.
Contact me

Who is legally responsible?

For the content (your texts and images) you yourself. For everything technical me. Please clarify possible rights of use for your photos with your photographer. Logo designers, photographers, illustrators or similar can also be linked on the website.

Can you help me to create my imprint and privacy policy according to DSGVO?

For this, I use a lawyer-tested generator, which provides me with a reliable imprint/privacy policy that fits the content and requirements of your website.
I also include a cookie message if necessary and adhere to the latest regulations. E.g. YouTube videos cookie free and embed fonts locally. There are various tools to check and so far there have never been any problems. But feel free to have these things checked by a lawyer or write your own privacy policy.

Can I embed different external content into my website?

No problem at all. I have already implemented every platform. There are always some ways and APIs. The privacy regulation as far as a possible cookie message is then extended by me to the embedded services.

Existing website

Can the website be rebuilt later so that I can change my content myself easily and without any previous experience?

That's no problem, for this I have the perfect CMS solution ready! Also I have extra for this CMS demo page, where the system can be tested in advance.
Demo page. Depending on the project, other CMS solutions may come into question, more about this in the category: CMS

Is the subsequent integration of Wordpress possible?

Definitely possible but is not a small thing. For wordpress I have to rebuild the website completely. However, I can gladly take over the existing layout as best as possible, so that visually there is no difference.

Is it possible to get help moving my server to a new platform?

Sure, I can also gladly take over completely and initiate everything.


What kind of drones do you use

Ich nutze derzeit drei Drohnen. Eine kleine FPV Drohne (3" Propeller) mit Schutzbügeln und damit perfekt für Innen oder in der Nähe zu Menschen. Und eine größere FPV Drohne (5" Propeller) für den Außeneinsatz und windige Tage. Die dritte Drohne ist eine 249g Drohne, perfekt für Luftfotografie, Hyperlapse und "normale" Drohnenvideos. Durch das geringe Gewicht ist damit das fliegen an mehr Orten erlaubt. Depending on the project, I can rent more drones or build/convert them to fit.
Pictures of the equipment & example photos/videos: View gallery

What is the maximum resolution for filming and photographing with drones?

Videos: 4k/60 150 Mbps (Slowmotion in HD 120FPS)
Photos: 48 megapixels (8064 × 6048)

Photos can also be upscaled or merged from multiple photos to multiply the resolution.

So more than enough for most projects. For higher resolutions or frame rates, additional high-end cameras can be rented and mounted on the drone.

Is it allowed to fly everywhere?

In principle, almost everywhere. For commercial purposes, if the flights take place outdoors, you need a permit in some places. Since I own both over and under 250g drones (Under 250g is much more allowed) there should be few problems. Nevertheless, please discuss the planned project with me well in advance so that I can organize any permits.

Where is it not allowed to fly?

Taboo are without special special permission:

  • Airports and their immediate surroundings
  • No-fly zones e.g. government buildings or military installation
  • About uninvolved crowds
  • Nature reserves and protected species
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Private property without permission of the owner

What insurance is required and do you have a pilot's license?

Both are mandatory in the EU! Possess a certificate of competence for remote pilots, via the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. EU wide valid. As well as a worldwide drone liability insurance for personal and property damage up to 50Mio Euro. For most projects more than sufficient. Nevertheless, please discuss the project with me early, in rare cases, further insurance or proof is required, which I must then organize in advance.

In which version do I get the photos after the shooting?

If desired, unprocessed as raw data. Usually JPG, 6000x4000 pixels, with color correction and retouching. Other (very high) resolutions, other formats and wishes are no problem.

Is flying also possible inside buildings?

Definitely! Especially FPV is perfect for this. Thanks to a small drone with protective hoops around the rotors, personal and object damage are virtually excluded. Thus, even in small spaces or through gaps can be flown wonderfully. This makes it possible to create smooth and fluid tour videos that would not be possible on foot.

Can I mix drone videos with other video footage?

Absolutely. Check with me beforehand so that I can adjust my camera settings accordingly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an FPV drone compared to a "normal" drone?

  • Feeling of flying
  • Dynamic recordings
  • Various cameras
  • No cinematic boundaries
  • Indoor and outdoor possible
  • Space for equipment
  • 0-150 km/h fast
  • React very quickly to spontaneous events
  • Mounting other cameras
  • Flying very close to and around obstacles
  • Shorter flight times
  • Shorter range
  • Spotter/Assistant needed
  • Space for equipment
  • Not primarily intended for aerial photography

Can the drones also be used for mapping and 3D scanning?

Yes, no problem. For a normal application, my drones are sufficient for this. Additional drones may be needed for this, depending on the purpose. But these can be rented without problems from various providers.

In what condition do I get the videos after the shoot?

On request, gladly as unprocessed raw data. As a rule, however, I give out the finished material. I.e. stabilized (vibrations removed from the flight), color correction Rec.709, in the pre-agreed resolution and file format. This would prepare the material perfectly for further video editing, without the editor having to schedule time for it. If desired, I can of course edit the complete video for the corresponding project myself or make color corrections if desired.

Image editing

In which file format and resolution do my images/photos have to be for further processing?

For the best results on always the unprocessed original. But I can work with all resolutions and formats.

Can my blurry photos, photos with ISO noise or photos with too low resolution be saved?

To a certain extent, this is not a problem. For this, depending on the requirements, I use various programs partly also with the support of AI (artificial intelligence) to achieve the best possible results.
View gallery

What types of image editing do you do?

Cut out or remove people/objects, color grading, rescue blurred photos, insert bouquet, rescue shots with too high ISO (e.g. night shots), merge images, generate new content or even colorize old black and white shots. Pretty much anything is possible.
View gallery


What types of photo shoots are available with you?

I have a lot of experience in the areas of: Artistry, shows and vaudeville as well as wildlife and landscape photography. But am open to new projects.

Are the images/photos usable for commercial purposes?

Of course! With photos that I have made myself, this is no problem. If I have only edited the pictures, you should additionally clarify this with your photographer.


What file format and resolution do my videos need to be in for further editing?

Anything! No matter what format and resolution. As a rule, I can bring any file (sometimes even faulty) into the appropriate format for further processing.

Can I have you cut a trailer for my project, from existing footage?

That's what I like to do best. Send me your material and I'll make you an appealing trailer incl. intro.
View gallery


What types of video shoots are possible?

As long as it's within the legal framework, I'll cut, edit or film anything to help you with your projects.

In what condition do I get the videos after the shoot?

On request, gladly as unprocessed raw data. As a rule, however, I give out the finished material. I.e. stabilized, color correction Rec.709, in the previously agreed resolution and file format. This would prepare the material perfectly for further video editing, without the editor having to schedule time for it. If desired, I can of course edit the complete video for the corresponding project myself or make color corrections if desired.


Contact me

You have questions, need more information or want to start directly with a project?

I am at your disposal! Tell me what you want to implement and we can get started right away.

Contact me best by email for a quick response.
Telephone meetings are available by appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together on exciting projects!

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Exclusive Partner - Stock Footage



Exclusive Partner - Stock Footage


Chantal von Tayn

Juggling & fire shows


Elias Oechsner

Circus performer, juggler and clown


Britt van Eijk

Künstlerin & Zeichnerin


Krystallpalast Varieté

Acrobatics & modern variety theater in Leipzig


Natalie Reckert

The Art of Handbalancing



Artistic, Comedy, Entertainment


Simon Schwemmlein

Schwemmlein Photography



Skill. Art. Passion.


The Circus Frame e.V.

International photo and video shootings


Philipp Tigris

A master of contortion