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If you don't have a provider yet or are thinking about changing providers, I can make you the following offer:
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Product Prices per month
1x Domain: .de // .com 0,50 Euro // 1,50 Euro
Other extensions Upon request
Mail space + web space 1,00 Euro
Server rental 1,00 Euro

Standard total costs for a website with a .de domain + own mailbox would therefore be for me: 30 euros per year. With .com or multiple domains only the domain costs increase accordingly. Mailspace, webspace and server rental is only 1x per customer due.

Depending on the booking period, there is a chance of discounts (domain only) with my provider which I will then pass on to you.

Services (Included)

Service Details
3x mailbox per domain Mailbox + Weblogin Option
Mailbox size 2GB per mailbox, more on request
E-mail forwarding 20 (more on request)
SSL certificate For all domains and mail addresses
Web space 2GB more than enough for a large website, more on request
FTP/SFTP Own access to your web space
100% green power Hydropower + energy efficient hardware
My services (Included)

(covered by "server rental")

Service Details
Domain Registration and setup
Server Setup, optimization and maintenance
E-mail box Setup and help with problems
SSL certificates Regular renewal
Backup web space and databases 4x per year (1x per quarter)
PHP version Regular updates
Other Be available as a personal contact person at any time, you have to deal with hotlines or support staff yourself. I take care of everything.

Optional additional services

Backup website monthly 1 Euro per month
Backup email mailbox monthly 1 Euro per month

Thanks to FTP/SFTP access and your own mailbox, you can also make these backups yourself at any time.


Minimum­contract­term 12 months
Billing­period Yearly
Termination­period Min. 1 month before the end of the annual cycle
Domain ownership Your domain is yours, I just manage it
Server­failures* 0.4% per year (35 hours)

*For technical reasons, a server can also fail from time to time. This means that in the worst case the website is briefly unavailable. Also, e-mails can not be sent or received in real time (usually nothing is lost). If something like this happens at all, this time is very small with a total of only 35 hours per year. It could be e.g. again and again at night few minutes what is completely irrelevant in the end. That it is not over 0.4% and thus 35 hours per year (if at all) I can guarantee you.

General information

I am not a pure web hosting provider and have rented my web server myself. This offers au├čreichend space and I upgrade it depending on the situation. The goal is not that I make profit with this server. I want to make it as easy as possible for my customers. Since I am usually the main contact person in website/mail questions anyway, there is no need for administration via another party. This has the advantage that as a customer no other person is needed and for me that I do not have to contact an external provider in case of technical server problems.
My prices are fair and reasonable!

If you have another web developer/designer/author/helper who needs access to your website, no problem. There is a FTP/SFTP to a personal webspace available for that.

I'm well below the average price and only a few euros more expensive than the very cheapest provider. For this, any service for maintenance, setup or e.g. spam problems is included.
If you are interested in your own very cheap provider and want to be independent from me I can recommend Netcup.

Feel free to use my coupon codes there so your total price will be DURABLE 30% cheaper AND you support me with a small commission that goes from Netcup to me. So Win-Win.

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Consider however that thereby an own mechanism of the server/e-mail server comes on you. This setup can be partially taken over by the provider or me for an additional charge. Also, in case of problems, you often have to take care of the solution yourself. Which means that the bargain price with some providers is in the end again significantly higher than my prices.

Your domains are not "free inclusive domains" with me, so a later move to your own/different provider in the future remains possible without any problems.